2017 Ford Ranger Diesel, Specs and Price

Finally, Ford Company announced excellent news for their fans. After a short break, the Ranger model from Ford will be returned on the market. Ford says that the upcoming 2017 Ford Ranger Diesel will hit the United States market in the second half of 2017. Also, according to them, the rest of the markets around the world will get this model slightly later. What can we expect from the new Ranger Diesel? Great things, definitely. There is going to be a lot of improvements, a lot of new things and redesigns. The fuel economy of this model is improved and that is just one of the benefits. Also, better engine capabilities are provided as well as modernistic exterior and elegant interior design.

2017 Ford Ranger Diesel Front
2017 Ford Ranger Diesel – Trendy and Modern Design:

From the outside, the most recent 2017 Ford Ranger Diesel looks very trendy and modern. The exterior design of this model is almost completely redesigned and now we can see the addition of style here. As we know, this model has the fantastic off-road capability, and because of that, the tires are so large and quality. Also, the wheels made from aluminum will be most likely 19 inches in size. The next 2017 Ford Ranger Diesel is constructed using aluminum and strength steel, and that further means that the total weight of the vehicle is reduced, but the strong materials are still there. Reduced weight also means improved fuel economy. At the front fascia, we can see very modern trapezoidal grille. The massive front bumper is slightly modified and fitted with quite big and strong LED fog lights and also with the large air intakes for better engine cooling.

The headlights of the newest 2017 Ford Ranger Diesel will also get some modifications in the form of more stylish and angular shape. Updated LED technology will power it.

Interior Updates:

The interior design of the future model will also get great updates. First of all, the most important thing is that all features inside are updated. The cabin of this model are very comfortable and all passengers can enjoy the pleasant drive. The dashboard will get huge redesigns, and it will be almost completely changed. Here we can see 8-inch touchscreen equipped with upgraded infotainment. The interior features include a rearview camera, cruise control, air condition, navigation. Furthermore, there is also a great audio system, a lot of connectivity systems, and many others.

2017 Ford Ranger Diesel interior

2017 Ford Ranger Diesel – Engine Details:

The 2017 Ford Ranger Diesel will be powered by a base turbo diesel 3.2 engine. This engine is capable of producing 197 hp. The power is routed to the all wheels trough the six-speed automatic transmission. The fuel consumption with this engine is rated at 21 mpg in the city and 30 mpg on the highway. We can also expect the addition of new diesel engine and it is about the turbodiesel 2.2-liter engine that is capable of producing 158 hp.

2017 Ford Ranger Diesel rear

2017 Ford Ranger Diesel – Price and Estimated Arrival:

The new model will have a starting price of about $22.000-25.000. Its release date should be by the end of 2017. Its main competitor will be Nissan Frontier, but considering the fuel economy of the new Ranger, we assume that this battle will belong to latest Ranger model. Also, considering the price, this truck will be much better than its competitor.


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