2018 Ford Ranger Raptor Rumors

The Ford Ranger Raptor was introduced in 2010 and became one of the most popular Ford models. The best thing about it is off road capabilities. According to the rumors, the new engine will be powered, so we can expect a lot of power. Still, all facts about the 2018 Ford Ranger Raptor are rumors and Ford didn’t confirm them yet.

2018 Ford Ranger Raptor front view

2018 Ford Ranger Raptor – Bigger, and Better Designed:

The exterior of the 2018 Ford Ranger Raptor will be significantly changed. It will have large FORD letters at the front. The bumpers will be higher and it will be 6 inches bigger than the previous model. There are also some rumors that will have certain additions to both sides and some similarities with the model for the Australian market. In addition, some rumors claim that the lights will be LED powered.

The interior will stay the same, as with the previous model. We can expect the same 7-inch touch display, same features, and the same digital dashboard. However, the graphics will be better, the steering wheel and the gear knob will be upgraded. In general, the new 2018 Ford Ranger Raptor will look similar to the previous model, but there will be smaller changes.

 2018 Ford Ranger Raptor engine

2018 Ford Ranger Raptor- Engine Rumors:

According to the rumors, the Ford Ranger Raptor will have 3.2 liter V6 engine that produces nearly 200 hp. The all-wheel drive is standard. However, some rumors also suggest that a 2,2-liter unit will be available as well. At this moment, it is unknown anything about the additional specs. We only know that this engine will be more economical than the previous unit, simply due to the fact the new Ford Ranger Raptor will be 200 pounds lighter than the previous model. We also know that this model will have much better, off-road capabilities than the previous models and will have the certain addition that will make it better, compared to similar models from the same price range.

2018 Ford Ranger Raptor – Date of Arrival and Price:

The Rumors suggest that the new model will be available in the second half of 2017 and the prices won’t be very affordable. The latest rumor revealed that the price will start at $22.000, for the basic model that offers enough, but nothing too much. However, the high-end version will cost more than $42.000. Simply said, this is a high-end model, so it comes will come with a price. We also know that the most powerful version will have impressive performances and original design.


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