2019 Ford Ranger: Changes and Specs

The simple fact is that a 2019 Ford Ranger is as ready for US launch as it can be. It is strange how this pickup sells in more than a 100 countries outside the one where it was born. Ford discontinued this range in 2011 which they obviously shouldn’t have. But who would’ve known that this pickup would literally pick up from where it left off?

2019 Ford Ranger Changes

Why is this 2019 Ford Ranger coming up now?

To put it simply again, pickups along with SUVs are one of the hottest segments in the automobile industry now. Chevy Colorado and Toyota Tacoma are the only models which are selling high in the compact pickup truck sub-segment. And that is just where this upcoming 2019 Ford Ranger is going to fit in.

Ford is already in quite a strong position in pickups with its heavy-duty Raptor models fighting with RAM for the benchmark. But what it misses in its lineup is just what this Ford Ranger will bring in. Multiple bed and body configurations, a brawny Ford engine and the obvious brand reliability – this model is already tailor-made for success.

2019 Ford Ranger

2019 Ford Ranger – Changes

The worthwhile phrases related to a new Ranger include ‘all-new’ and ‘unique front styling, engines and features’. Adding to this ‘tailored to the needs of North American customers’, what can be easily speculated is that this Ford Ranger 2019 will be a redesign, remodel and re-engineered product.

If brand images and outlooks are anything to go by, this upcoming model will hit the roads running. There are chances of including a uni-body chassis instead of a body-on-frame structure to keep in line with stringent safety regulations.

The current Ford Ranger is running strong since 2011 outside the US without any added design changes. Also known as T6, its popularity mostly comes down to its high economy engine. A US lineup will most obviously include a diesel version with a similar setup. Ford might come up with a new engine by then specifically for this new model.

Price and Competition

This is a popular badge, and there are customers with Toyota and Chevy models who would prefer a Ford Ranger. To come to facts, top Tacoma sales nearly hit the 180,000 mark in 2015. Nearly 350,000 Rangers were sold in 1999. If the pricing is kept in or even around $30,000 with proper features, this 2019 Ford Ranger will surely take the competition to its rivals straight up.


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